Terracotta Tiles

With a characteristic natural rich Mediterranean colour these tiles are derived from clay or ‘burned earth’ and are hardened by baking in ovens or in the sun, as used to be the case. They have been around for centuries and are probably the oldest form of tile.

Terracotta tiles are most popular in domestic hallways, kitchens and living areas. They remain porous and can be subject to staining and discoloration if not protected and sealed correctly to maintain their natural colour and beauty.

Tilecare can professionally strip and deep clean terracotta tiles back to their natural colour, texture and appearance. Once done we will apply a specialist terracotta sealer to bring out the rich colour and characteristics of the clay whilst protecting the surface from staining and spillages and dirt ingress.

A Tilecare treated terracotta floor will provide a beautiful hard wearing natural floor that can be easily maintained using a neutral water based terracotta cleaner.

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