Victorian & Edwardian Tiles

These classic period floor tiles that are often found in hallways, have a timeless beauty and are all hardwearing. Over the years they may have suffered through building changes, central heating and with other floor applications having been laid over them but with careful restoration and some rebuilding we can breath new life back into these tiles giving the floor a new look elegance. Cleaning old Victorian and Edwardian floor tiles is best done by hand to detect any loose tiles and by using sensitive ph neutral floor cleaning products we can deep clean the tiles and grout. The tile sealer we use will allow the client to determine the level of finish from matt to glossy.


Limestone is a beautiful natural stone known for its durability, toughness and timeless quality. Limestone floor tiles are often first choice for interior designers and architects as an alternative to wooden or carpeted floors, where a light, soft, airy ambience is sought.

As a natural stone, Limestone is popular for internal floor tiles and external patio tiles ideal as they come in different guises from a natural cream limestone to black limestones. They are both extremely soft and porous often making it difficult to clean and maintain. Foot traffic causes dirt and debris to be embedded in the limestone, which cannot be removed with normal tile cleaning techniques.

Tilecare has the professional expertise to restore and maintain limestone floors. Regular professional maintenance using a natural honed finish will help to maintain a polished appearance. Our processes involve diamond grinding and honing techniques to restore the natural beauty and appearance of the limestone surface before honing the stone to a silky smooth ultimate finish or through the application of an appropriate seal.

At Tilecare we want you to be proud of your floor surface and we take great care to ensure that the correct exacting professional products and time are invested bringing back elegance and beauty to your limestone floor.


Porcelain tiles are an exceptionally durable tile. The dense properties of porcelain have a very low porosity rate making it suitable for many more applications than ceramic. Porcelain floor tiles are also frost resistant so can be used externally. The production quality of Porcelain floor and wall tiles is such that it can often be difficult to tell them apart from natural stones and as such they are used in many areas from kitchen to wet rooms.

Ceramic tiles are made the same way as porcelain tiles but are baked for a shorter period and are less dense than porcelain tiles. Porcelain and Ceramic tiles come in many styles and finishes from anti slip matt surfaces, glazed and polished finishes where a relatively low maintenance durable floor or wall covering is required.

Tilecare are specialists in Porcelain and Ceramic tile renovation and deep cleaning. Using the latest techniques coupled with professional specialist porcelain tile cleaners we can achieve cleaning results second to none.

To keep floor and wall tiles in their optimum condition we will provide an easy to follow cleaning guides to maintain your porcelain and ceramic tiles and grout, whether its profiled, textured or polished in a pristine, safe, hygienic condition. Tilecare can also re-silicone areas around kitchen and bathrooms where the seals have become discoloured.

Swimming pools

Tilecare specialise in professional deep cleaning of both large and small residential and commercial pools and surrounding areas.Our clients range from Leisure Centres, International Hotels, Health clubs and spas, Schools, universities and residential swimming pools. Swimming pools and wet barefoot areas attract build- ups of soaps, bodyfats, calcium, oil residues and organic growth (mildew) that can affect the entire appearance of a pool, spa, shower or locker room tiles. At Tilecare we use professional water based cleaning products specially formulated to remove calcium build-ups and ingrained dirt. This process restores both the tile and grout to its natural colour, appearance and texture. Periodic professional deep cleaning with effective daily cleaning will protect and maintain your wet floor and wall tiles in a safe hygienic condition for many years.

Our services extend to water reactive Anti-slip treatments for pool side with Slip resistance Pendulum testing.

At Tilecare we are specialists in using the correct and latest cleaning techniques and processes to achieve impressive results.We work in teams with most commercial work completed out of hours so there is no disruption to the opening times or the customers.

You can rely on our expertise, experience and professionalism to ensure total satisfaction. We use only certified products and fully maintained professional equipment.


Slate tiles were traditionally known for roofing but with a very durable and dense property it has a low porosity and is versatile for both floor and wall tiles. Slate tiles are available in a vast array of rich colours from greys, black and green to rich yellows and reds depending on the source of the slate. (UK, China, Brazil) As a natural floor stone it comes as a rough riven finish or honed smooth with a natural matt appearance or alternatively polished to a shine. In high usage areas such as entrance /reception floors, kitchens it can easily become scratched and marked leaving a dull appearance but the use of professional impregnating colour intensifiers will deepen the natural colours of the slate. The preparation and cleaning and resealing of slate tiles is a skilled process involving honing and polishing techniques and materials to remove deep scratches, stains and to return the slate back to its natural condition before applying the final protective finish.

Tilecare take great care to ensure that the correct cleaning products and procedures are used so as not to damage any tile or grout. To that end we will always test a small area first to ensure the client is totally satisfied with the result thereby preserving the appearance of the slate and to maintain the long term beauty and lustre of your natural slate floor.


Marble is a beautiful metamorphic rock, which is a favourite for interior designers and architects with both its durability and ability to take a highly polished finish. Marble is also extremely sensitive to acidic products and indeed hard water and for that reason the use of incorrect products can etch your marble floors and surfaces. Tilecare can advise on regular maintenance for Marble tile cleaning together with periodic refurbishment to protect your investment for many years to come.

Marble is a luxurious stone and hugely popular for both commercial buildings and in the home. From beautiful entrance floors to bathrooms, showers, spas and kitchens. When perfectly presented it creates quite an impression.

Marble floors can become scratched and stained. Tilecare has the professional equipment and experience to restore new life to the most used and damaged marble surfaces. The process of restoring marble and similar stone floors is a skilled professional operation involving diamond grinding, honing and polishing techniques to remove scratches, stains and etch marks resulting in a clean smooth surface. After polishing this process will leave a deep long lasting shine to enhance any room.

Marble floor and wall tiles will require regular cleaning and maintenance to retain the depth of natural colour and lustre. The hard water and chemicals can eat away at the calcium of the marble and cause the marble tiles to actually break down, the polished marble surface will then begin to look dull and lifeless. Tilecare know how to put new life into these tiles with a professional clean, hone and polish with a result to be proud of.

Grout Cleaning

Through usage the grout can become dirty through ingrained dirt, stained, cracked or even missing. In recently laid tiles Tilecare can remove the residual grout haze to leave tiles clean and bright. How do we clean grout? – much of the grout can be cleaned by hand using detailed brushes and specialist grout cleaning products.

Tilecare can replace whole areas of grout using specialist machines to remove grout and the replace with new grout. Through it’s extensive range of grout colours (from whites, creams, and stones to black grout) we can mix and match colours to replace grout that needs repair. Tilecare also provide a grout sealing service using recommended grout seals to keep your grout clean and in good condition.

External Tile & Stone

Tilecare specialise in cleaning external tile pathways, porches and patios. Wether it’s Limestone, Slate, Porcelain, Sandstone, York Stone we have a tile cleaning process that will lift your tiles to clean them of green algae and winter debris to bring back their natural beauty and colour.

Terracotta Tiles

With a characteristic natural rich Mediterranean colour these tiles are derived from clay or ‘burned earth’ and are hardened by baking in ovens or in the sun, as used to be the case. They have been around for centuries and are probably the oldest form of tile.

Terracotta tiles are most popular in domestic hallways, kitchens and living areas. They remain porous and can be subject to staining and discoloration if not protected and sealed correctly to maintain their natural colour and beauty.

Tilecare can professionally strip and deep clean terracotta tiles back to their natural colour, texture and appearance. Once done we will apply a specialist terracotta sealer to bring out the rich colour and characteristics of the clay whilst protecting the surface from staining and spillages and dirt ingress.

A Tilecare treated terracotta floor will provide a beautiful hard wearing natural floor that can be easily maintained using a neutral water based terracotta cleaner.

Travertine Tiles

Travertine is a beautiful natural sedimentary stone with a rugged quality formed by the transformation of limestone resulting in pin holes to irregular air pockets in the stone giving travertine its rugged characteristics and appearance. During the tile manufacturing process the holes can be left or filled with a resin depending on the required finish. The travertine tiles are then honed or polished prior installation.

Travertine is a popular and practical commercial choice for use in hotels, reception entrances etc. and is ideal in the home for living rooms, Kitchens, bathrooms, showers, wet rooms and swimming pools emphasising the natural quality of the stone.

Over time these tiles are susceptible to staining, scratching and etching, all of which dull the surface polish. At Tilecare we will restore travertine tiles to your requirements whether to a natural or polished finish by carefully cleaning or honing and polishing the tiles. We recommend a regular cycle of maintenance cleaning and where necessary restoration to keep your travertine in beautiful condition.

Quarry Tiles

This is a classic hardwearing floor tile often found in Entrance porches, Hallways and Kitchens with the familiar reddish brown colour. These were very popular in Victorian and Edwardian era and would take quite a lot of punishment. Over the years they may have been overlaid with other floor coverings but once restored they bring back to life the deep reddish colour. Tilecare use a ph neutral Quarry Tile cleaner and once cleaned can be sealed to give a rich polished finished, bring back that timeless elegance.

Encaustic Tiles/Cement Tiles

Becoming ever more popular, Encaustic tiles or cement tiles are manufactured from layers of cement, with the pattern being pressed into the surface. Often in the style of Edwardian or Victorian style these ‘Geo’ tiles can be slightly larger with a wide range of patterns being available, and indeed can even be bespoke. They are very durable, and require minimal maintenance and are often seen in Hallways and bathrooms. Cement can be slightly porous so it is advisable to add an appropriate seal to avoid water stains and dirt.

Church Tiles/Minton Tiles

A good source of classic and vintage tiles can be found in churches which may have a range of floor tiles from Quarry Tiles to Victorian and Minton tiles using flower patterns. The quarry tiles are hard wearing and the patterned tiles give light relief. Tilecare through the Tile Doctor are registered on the Diocese contractors to be able to perform this type of work. As there is a heavy traffic wear on these tiles it is important to ensure they are sealed and regularly maintained to keep that lustre finish.

Terrazzo Tiles

Famed for its durability and hardwearing as a manufactured tile it is most commonly found in public places such as station concourses and airports where high foot traffic and wheeled cages are used. Used on walls as well as floors they are easily cleaned and polished. A non-slip additive can be added once cleaned and this may be of particular interest in public areas.


Once known as Linoleum Vinyl Tiles or Vinyl sheeting has taken over from the 1960’s style of flooring. Much of the Vinyl Flooring is laid as sheeting rather than individual tiles and would be suitable for much larger areas. The durable flooring still requires maintenance as it can suffer from scuff marks and dirt being ingrained into it. Once cleaned it can be sealed for longer lasting maintenance.

Stone Cleaner

Flagstone floors found in Kitchens and entrance porches give a durability for foot traffic from outside to indoors and are quite forgiving. Tilecare use a Stone Soap designed for deep cleaning such floor tiles, and once sealed can be buffed with a polishing pad for best effect.


Basalt Tiles is a common grey to black volcanic rock. It is usually fine-grained due to rapid cooling of lava on the Earth’s surface. It may be porphyritic containing larger crystals in a fine matrix, or vesicular. This can release minerals and salts from within the stone, causing a light bloom or haze from within. It is a durable tile but needs care to ensure it is correctly sealed.

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